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 A song for Karysah

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A song for Karysah Empty
PostSubject: A song for Karysah   A song for Karysah Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2008 7:45 pm

Oh don't go please, stay with me.
Don't go and leave me in the maze.
I lie awake waiting for you, playing my guitar and wishing you will save me.
Oh Karysah, Oh Karysah. Please don't go
Your account was taken but don't let them take you.
If you go, Hazzo will win and you will be gone.
Ava's doing what she can do get your account back
Nezlo is also there, wanting to help much as Ava.
Bluet's waiting for me to come outta that maze.

And all the newbires that have yet met Karysah.
Are lost without you.
So please don't go.
Don't leave.
I already had so many people leave my life.
Real and internet.

I understand now. I know friendships can be real over the internet.
You all have a part in Ortiur.

Karysah's there to listen and help me.
Naked was the first nice person next to me excluding Dragondine.
Darmic was one of the best guys I have ever meet includingg from real life.
Bluet makes me so happy that I don't wanna leave her.
And Xilo being one of the cool people.
Kary's is the heart, Blue's is the soul, Xilo's the brains, Darmic's the muscles and Naked's is the listener.
That what makes my EO Experience so greeaatt.

Don't make me go on about more because we will be here forever.
So please Save me from the maze
And don't let me be Lost Forever.

So Please don't go, Please stay with us. We learnt our lessons and Avamay and Nezlo just may able to get it all back. And Hazzo is a dead man.
Please don't go.


Don't Leave us today.
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A song for Karysah Empty
PostSubject: Re: A song for Karysah   A song for Karysah Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 9:28 am

Yep, just as I suspected, this made me cry. But its a good cry. Very kind of you Orti. Your words mean a lot. And that so many people have been there for me to help me through this, not to mention to work hard at getting my account back, makes me feel overwhelmed. How could I possibly leave even if you guys had failed, knowing so many people need me and I sure need them! I'm sorry I caused all of this pain and problems with all of this. Thank you for being here for me.

Beautiful song. Thank you Ortiur.
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A song for Karysah
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