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 Behind the Xilo! <3

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Behind the Xilo! <3 Empty
PostSubject: Behind the Xilo! <3   Behind the Xilo! <3 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 4:16 pm

Behind the Xilo! <3 Edited11
That's me! Rolling Eyes

Im 20, and i live in Kentucky, USA.
I love all things medieval fantasy.
I love all things dragon related.
I love all things shogunate Japan (samurai, ninja, katanas...)
I love video games (FPS, RPG, Final fantasy, etc etc...)
I love computers
I love to draw (I'm pretty good at it i'm told) rabbit
I took art and computer classes all through High school.
I wanted to be a computer programmer or Web Designer... (still dunno what i'm gonna do)
And there's much much more to learn, so strike up a conversation sometime... tongue

~Xilo~ king
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Behind the Xilo! <3
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